Remember the Prancercise Lady? Well, She’s Back…With a Friend…Who Also Wears Tragically Tight Pants


I’m filing this under “Sports” because I don’t know where else I could possibly put the fucking thing. It’s a fitness video, right? Well, maybe.

Either way, Joanna Rohrback and her egregious camel toe are back. Sadly, though, she’s found herself a pair of black , camel toe-hiding pants. But don’t fret, because she’s brought a middle-aged male friend along for the fun and he showed up wearing painted on, zebra-print pants that have no intention of supporting his genitalia or sparing us from having to see it flapping in the breeze. 

That’s not all!

At the 3:30 mark of the video, a horse takes a shit. And they left it in the video. What else would you expect from the lady who made this, presumably screened it first, and said, “yeah, that’s ready for public consumption?”

[H/T Uproxx]

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