PRANKS: Two Sexy Freestyle Soccer Stars Pretend To Be A Grandma And Hustle The Hell Out Of Men On Pitch

by 4 years ago

Raquel Benetti, from Brazil, and Alice Fougeray, from France, are both extremely talented freestyle soccer players. In fact, Raquel is the top South American freestyler.

She is known worldwide for her ability to play in high heels.

Alice was the runner-up in the Freestyle Football World Championship.

Alice even has a freestyle football tattoo.

However in this prank video, they are just some dainty girl in a short red dress and her frail grandma. The girl in the dress enters the men’s pick-up game, and struggles mightily. Then she fakes an apparent injury by falling to the ground, and her overprotective grandma comes out to see if she’s okay. Nana yanks out her false teeth and gives them to a stranger, ditches her cane and joins the game. That’s when they begin to dominate.

The topflight freestyle ballers hookup for sensational goals and the men are perplexed that this old lady and girl in a dress have such incredible ball control and skills. They have no idea what hit them.

And when people on‘s YouTube page question the legitimacy of this video, Alice confidently replied, “People who say that is fake come challenge me haha.”