The Price Of A Beer At All 30 Major League Baseball Stadiums Fluctuates Wildly

The Price Of A Beer At Major League Baseball Stadiums Fluctuates Wildly


Everyone knows that if you attend a Major League Baseball game it is going to cost you. Whether it’s the tickets, the parking, souvenirs, or the food and beer, you’re going to be shelling out some serious cash.

According to Team Marketing Report, the Fan Cost Index (FCI) for a Major League Baseball game increased by $9.75 for a family of four in 2021 to $253.64.

Why? Mostly it was because of an increase in the prices being charged for beer at MLB stadiums, according to VinePair.

In 2021, the average price of a small beer at Major League parks rose by 9.1% – the largest year-over-year increase in 20 years.

Not all beers are created equal, however, especially depending on which Major League Baseball stadiums you are visiting. The range of prices for a small beer at various MLB stadiums is immense.

For example, if you go to a Colorado Rockies’ home game the cost of a small beer runs you just $3 – the cheapest in the big leagues.

Now if you catch a Mets game at their home park, you can expect to pay $11.75, or $8.75 (almost 300%) MORE than in Colorado.

The price of beer at Major League Baseball stadiums varies greatly from one park to the next

Prices can be deceiving though.

A small beer at Fenway Park in Boston is $8.50. Not good, not bad. But, when you calculate it by the cost per ounce of beer – that $8.50 beer is 12 ounces – it is costing you 71 cents per ounce, the highest in the Majors.

VinePair broke it down both ways. Here’s what they discovered…

Mets $11.75 / $0.59 per ounce
Orioles $10.00 / $0.63 per ounce
Phillies $10.00 / $0.63 per ounce
Cubs $9.75 / $0.61 per ounce
Nationals $9.50 / $0.59 per ounce
Giants $9.00 / $0.64 per ounce
Brewers $8.50 / $0.53 per ounce
Red Sox $8.50 / $0.71 per ounce
White Sox $7.50 / $0.47 per ounce
Astros $7.50 / $0.54 per ounce
Blue Jays $7.50 / $0.63 per ounce
Rangers $7.00 / $0.44 per ounce
Dodgers $6.75 / $0.42 per ounce
Pirates $6.50 / $0.41 per ounce
Reds $6.50 / $0.46 per ounce
Athletics $6.50 / $0.54 per ounce
Yankees $6.00 / $0.50 per ounce
Royals $5.50 / $0.46 per ounce
Twins $5.50 / $0.46 per ounce
Guardians $5.50 / $0.46 per ounce
Marlins $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Rays $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Angels $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Padres $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Tigers $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Braves $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Mariners $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Cardinals $5.00 / $0.42 per ounce
Diamondbacks $4.00 / $0.29 per ounce
Rockies $3.00 / $0.25 per ounce

So, as you can see, while the Mets’ small beer may cost the most, it is actually tied for just the 7th most expensive per ounce. Also, in places like Oakland, their $6.50 beer suddenly doesn’t look as great.

In Colorado, I guess it pays for Rockies fans to have the name of your home stadium be Coors Field. It also probably doesn’t hurt Cardinals fans that their park is named Busch Stadium. As for Arizona? The name of their stadium is Chase Field. What’s the correlation there?