Prince’s High School Basketball Picture Reveals He Had Game, A Great Afro

Chappelle’s Show taught us Prince enjoys a good game of basketball as much as the next guy. The legendary segment featuring Prince and his crew destroying Charlie Murphy and friends before a freaky pancake breakfast is one of the most memorable television moments of this century.

A bit more light was shed on the diminutive little guy’s hoops career yesterday thanks to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Libor Jany.


So not only did Mr. Purple Rain make the team, he looked damn good doing it. 

Just look at that hair. It’d be a crime against humanity to mess it up while trying to play defense. That’s what we call a decided schematic advantage. Or at least something a 4-foot-11 guy could use to level the playing field. 

Also, Prince’s teammates weren’t looking too shabby either. Team likely led the conference in swag and causing pregnancies.

[H/T: @Strib_jANY]