Prince Strolled Into The Warriors-Thunder Game With A Cane In Tow Like A BOSS

by 4 years ago

The Golden St. Warriors have increasingly become a must-see team for celebrities, which has been a pretty easy feat since the Lakers sit at a pathetic 12-50, well on their way to a very sad goodbye to Kobe.

But Prince? Luring out Prince to a social gathering happens like once every five years. It’s quite clear the power of Steph Curry’s game is starting to reach shocking, newfound levels. But there’s always a catch, because Prince will be performing at Oracle tonight.

Take a look at this boss-like entrance though, cane and all, and it could not have looked more natural.

Only Prince. And check out the dude being restrained. Who the hell is that? And why is he on the court? I pray it’s a Warriors or Thunder employee who was just far too overwhelmed by Prince’s stardom that he had no choice but to do his very best to get the attention of the legendary musician. Sadly, he failed miserably.

Look how happy this dude is. But he does have some pretty choice seats and looks to be surrounded by some good company.

What a magical sight.

We definitely need Prince at more sporting events, ASAP.

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