Pro Football Focus Releases List Of 50 Best Players In The NFL: Fan Reactions

Pro Football Focus Releases List Of 50 Best Players In The NFL Reaction

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  • Pro Football Focus (PFF) graded every player in the NFL and came up with the top 50 best, regardless of position.
  • Reactions to the list and its rankings of NFL players, as one might expect, caused a bit of controversy.
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This week, Pro Football Focus (PFF) is releasing its list of the 50 best players in the NFL right now and, of course, some of the rankings made people upset. Fans are gonna fan.

According to PFF, the rankings are “a projection of what we think will happen and not necessarily a reaction to a spectacular or underwhelming 2020 season.”

“Additionally, positional value is not considered here, so safeties, guards and even running backs have just as good a chance to rank highly as quarterbacks, who would dominate the list if positional value was heavily factored.”

Thus far, Pro Football Focus has only released numbers 21 through 50 as they are revealing the entire list in reverse order with their 10 best players in the NFL overall to be named on Friday, June 25.

As previously mentioned, that certainly hasn’t stopped NFL fans from weighing in with their own opinions of the list.

“Diggs effectively justified the frustration he felt in Minnesota — he knew that he was capable of much more; all he needed was increased opportunity,” writes PFF. “He showed that in Buffalo in Year 1 as one of the best and most complete receivers in the game.”

“Thomas is coming off a season in which he scored just one touchdown and recorded only 511 receiving yards,” writes PFF. “And that included two playoff games, one of which saw him held without a catch. Still, it would be an overreaction to drop him any further down the list than this.”

“Allen was spectacular in 2020,” writes PFF. “but it was such a giant leap forward from his previous baseline — his overall PFF grade jumped from the mid-60s to 90.9 last year — that the smart analysis is to expect some degree of regression, given what we know about player development at this level.”

“Prescott put up a PFF grade of 85.2, and he had the Dallas offense looking like one of the best in the game,” writes PFF. “If he returns healthy in 2021, he should be one of the best players in the game once more.”

“Robinson has never had an even vaguely competent quarterback throwing him the football, and that dates back to at least high school and perhaps even beyond that,” writes PFF. “The likes of Christian Hackenberg, Blake Bortles, Mitchell Trubisky and post-deal-with-the-devil Nick Foles have meant that the version of Robinson we have seen is only a fraction of what he could be with a real quarterback.”

Also listed among the Pro Footbal Focus 50 best NFL players rankings so far…

Gotta love this artwork on these.

Read up on why each player was ranked where he was, as well as see who fills in the top 20, over at

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