Prominent NFL Insider Stupidly Suggests Jets Should Adopt A ‘New York Attitude’ In Negations With The Packers

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Despite being one of the biggest names in NFL media, NFL insider Mike Florio still occasionally blogs with the narrative voice of a high schooler, as evidenced by his latest piece on the negotiation standoff between the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.

According to Florio, the Jets should apparently channel their inner Tony Soprano — or, as he calls it, “acting like New Yorkers” — in their trade negotiations with the Packers.

These are the New York Jets. Technically, the New Jersey Jets. They should start demonstrating some of the attitude that those in their fan base would exhibit when dealing with difficult people in challenging situations. The Jets need to go on the offensive. They perhaps need to be a little offensive. They need to tell the Packers how it’s going to be. [via ProFootballTalk]

Not only are Florio’s comments a bit stereotypical but they’re completely nonsensical: the Jets can’t go all aggro on the Packers because they have absolutely no leverage in the situation.

In fact, neither the Jets nor the Packers have any leverage — the Packers desperately want Rodgers out of town and the Jets desperately want him —  that’s why it’s so frustrating for the entire NFL world that it’s taking this long. Aaron Rodgers, to his credit, has at least done his part by publicly confirming his intentions to play for the Jets next season during a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, thus putting the ball in the Packers’ court.

Given the standstill between the two teams, some NFL analysts expect the negotiations could drag out until the NFL Draft in late April, as it would force the Packers to deal Rodgers if they’re looking to recoup the benefits prior to this season.

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