Puma and BAPE Have Joined Forces To Hide Mario Balotelli In Latest Collection

by 5 years ago
Mario Balotelli is hiding

Photos via BAPE

A.C. Milan star and social media icon Mario Balotelli will be the face of a Puma/BAPE collaboration that is set to drop at the end of the month. As you might have already noticed, the collection is very, very much centered around the camo look.

Who is Mario Balotelli hiding from

If we don’t see Russell Westbrook dressed in one of these getups some time before Christmas, I’m just going to assume the care package of freebies was lost by FedEx.

Mario Balotelli Purple Rain tribute

I can also see Westbrook requesting the backdrop for press conferences so as to achieve that full, visually-enhanced effect seen above. And also so middle-aged reporters abruptly get up and leave.

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