Pusha T’s Response To Getting Allen Iverson’s Autograph Is Like Watching A Kid In A Candy Shop For The First Time

Allen Iverson is a legend, and not just because of his recent induction into the basketball hall of fame – the guy’s hilarious. From screaming at his estranged wife “I DON’T EVEN HAVE MONEY FOR A CHEESEBURGER” during a divorce proceeding, to be the realest professional basketball player ever when he said “I would rather win than have good sportsmanship,” Iverson is known both on and off the court for being a cultural icon.

Which is why it’s less than surprising that Pusha T was fucking hyped when he got Iverson’s autograph on a 76ers jersey. Can you think of the last time you were that excited over anything? I don’t think so. Iverson tries throw some love back at Pusha, but there’s no matching the pep in that guy’s step at that point – ain’t nothing gonna bring him down until time chills him out.

Just goes to show that not every rapper is the street-hardened badass they all make themselves out to be.

[H/T Uproxx]