Quinnen Williams And The Jets Don’t Disagree About Money, But Instead On This One Specific Thing

Quinnen Williams

Cooper Neill/Getty Image

The New York Jets and their star defensive tackle Quinnen Williams appear to have hit a roadblock in contract negotiations.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter speculates that the disagreement between the two sides apparently revolves around the duration of Williams’ new contract

Schefter doesn’t believe that the money is the issue here, saying: “This isn’t about the money, I think both sides can figure out what the money to Quinnen Williams is going to be.”

The discrepancy lies in whether Williams will sign a four-year or a five-year contract.

Schefter highlighted that in the current offseason, most top defensive linemen have been signing four-year deals. Citing examples such as Dexter Lawrence of the New York Giants, Jeffery Simmons of the Tennessee Titans, Daron Payne of the Washington Commanders, and Ed Oliver of the Buffalo Bills, all of whom secured four-year contracts, Schefter suggested that Williams is likely seeking a similar arrangement.

On the other hand, the Jets are apparently interested in locking down Williams for a longer period, aiming for a five-year contract. Schefter speculated that, ultimately, the parties involved will likely reach a compromise, and a four-year deal might be the more probable outcome based on the precedent set.

When considering the defensive tackle market, it’s evident that Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams is in a league of his own when it comes to earnings. Donald commands a staggering annual salary of $31.667 million, making him the highest-paid defensive tackle in the league by a significant margin.

Following Donald, players like Jeffery Simmons, Daron Payne, and Dexter Lawrence earn annual salaries in the range of $22.5 million to $23.5 million.

Williams was originally the Jets’ third overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, and has emerged as a cornerstone player for the team. Since joining the league, he has displayed tremendous growth and development, becoming a formidable force on the defensive line.

His standout performance in the 2022 season, which saw him record a career-high 12 sacks, further solidified his status as a key asset for the Jets.