Rachel Stuhlmann Wants To Be The Paige Spiranac Of Tennis And She’s Well On Her Way

Rachel Stuhlmann Wants To Be The Paige Spiranac Of Tennis

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Golf influencer Paige Spiranac has carved out a nice little internet niche for herself by golfing and making videos while wearing skimpy, tight attire.

Tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann is hoping to do the exact same thing, only in the racket sport.

The New York Post reports that Stuhlmann “respects what Paige has done for the sport of golf so much.”

Stuhlmann believes that she and Spiranac “have similar stories” as they both played Division I sports in college and each has been featured in Maxim. Spiranac took home the top spot on the Maxim 100 in 2022.

“I was like, ‘Wait, I want to do photo shoots and show that tennis is cool and that it can be hot and fun,” Stuhlmann told the Post.

Stuhlmann, from St. Louis, is either 26 years-old or 30 years-old depending on which story you read and says she is single.

The former University of Missouri Tiger currently has 197,000 followers on Instagram – a far cry from Paige Spiranac’s 3.6 million – but she is hoping that number will grow, along with the sport of tennis.

Rachel Stuhlmann hopes to grow the sport of tennis and build her own brand along the way

“I aspire to continue to push the sport of tennis forward while being unapologetically me!” she told Maxim.

She told The Up & In Show podcast, “I feel like years ago I was a little more afraid to be myself in an industry that has been super traditional and buttoned-up.

“I am myself I have done so much in this industry and I am going to be who I am and I want to keep bringing people to this sport in a positive way.

“Earlier this year I had a social media manager that helped me build my brand, so I really focused on creating content.”

Stuhlmann also hopes to bring a professional tennis tournament back to her hometown.

“St. Louis has a rich tennis history, and I want to bring professional tennis back there,” she told Maxim.

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