Tiger Woods’ Ex-Mistress Says Signing NDA ‘Can Ruin Your Life’ While Discussing His Ex-GF

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Just when everyone thought we were done with salacious Tiger Woods relationship news, his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman was discovered to have filed legal documents to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) she signed invalidated.

Herman began dating Tiger Woods back in 2017 and around that same time she reportedly signed the NDA.

She believes the contract is unenforceable under the Federal Speak Out Act which voids such agreements if there is sexual assault or sexual harassment involved.

Another woman who is very familiar with Tiger Woods and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Rachel Uchitel, spoke to DailyMail.com about how signing an NDA after their affair was revealed in 2009 affected her.

“There are people who get into relationships with celebrities and they go to work for celebrities. They sign the NDA beforehand – this is what Erica did. She signed that,” said Uchitel.

“Then there are NDAs after the fact: they are people who have been involved in or witnessed an event, who agree not to talk about a behavior or an incident to participate in a cover up, so to speak. Those are completely different types of NDAs.

“I want people to be aware that when somebody goes to work for or gets involved in a relationship with a celebrity, you are signing that because you witness a lot of things that are private about somebody who’s very public in their lives and they want to keep it that way for a number of different reasons. That’s why you sign that.

“The question is, is it fair to come out after the fact and say now I want to make that null and void?

“That’s a very different thing than, I signed an NDA to cover up bad behavior.

“There was an abusive nature in getting me to sign that [NDA] to keep me quiet and there was abusiveness in keeping me quiet for 14 years after.

“But she’s up against a machine now.”

On Thursday, it was revealed that Erica Herman’s lawsuit against Woods claims she was, according to ESPN, “tricked into going on a short vacation and that when she arrived at the airport, agents for Woods ‘told her she had been locked out of her residence’ and would not be allowed to return.”

Herman claims she had an “oral tenancy agreement” to live in the house and is seeking in excess of $30 million.

Rachel Uchitel went on to explain, “In the absence of truth, people make up anything they want and that is so debilitating. You lose all sense of power, all sense of self-esteem and people judge you not based on facts.

“It’s not a way to live and it really can ruin your life and it’s not worth the money. Ever. It was not worth it because so many of those things said were not true.”

Her life does look pretty ruined. Why is she famous again? Oh yeah.

Coincidentally, Uchitel just happens to be launching a new podcast on March 14th.

“I want to tell my story and shed light on my story from my side but I also want to give other people a platform to be able to tell their story,” she said, as if anyone was dying to hear her story 14 years after it happened.

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