Listen To A Sports Radio Host Almost Punch His Co-Host In The Teeth Live On The Air

What makes this clip of the Doug & Wolf Show so enjoyable is the fact that they’re an Arizona sports talk show getting into a beef over the Oakland Raiders.

The conversation is joined, mid-stupidity, as one guy argues that the Raiders have a “strong brand” and the other guy basically calls him a moron.

Doug points out that NFL fans under the age of 32 don’t hold the Raiders in such high regard as people in their 40s and 50s (probably Wolfie’s age) because they’ve only known the Raider to be awful. They haven’t had a winning record in over a decade. They haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1980. Even if brand was an important measure in the NFL, the Raiders are the 28th most valuable NFL franchise.

Just because their apparel is semi-popular with Los Angeles street gangs and white kids who think they’re in a street gang, that doesn’t make them a powerful brand.

Wolf gets angry, probably because halfway through his argument he realizes he’s an idiot, but he’s come to far to stop now.

Let’s listen to what we’re all missing by not tuning in to Arizona sports talk radio.

H/T Deadspin

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