Professional Sports Bettor Warns Unnamed Raiders Player Who Left Awful Tip On $600 Tab That ‘Word Gets Around Quickly’ In Town

Las Vegas Raiders bad tipping

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The Las Vegas Raiders are 2-0 and making fans fast in their new home but a few “Sin City” residents are warning players that being cheap isn’t going to make them welcome anywhere on the strip.

Dave Cookin, a professional sports handicapper and TV personality, sent out some warning tweets to an unnamed Raiders player for his awful tip on a $600 tab.

“Someone might want to tell one of the younger #LvRaiders that tipping ten bucks on a $600 tab is bush league. Word gets around quickly in this town,” Cookin wrote on Twitter.

Cookin continues, “Hopefully this tweet gets noticed by some older and wiser @Raiders who can coach the young man on tipping etiquette. He’ll also benefit in the process as good guy perception means more opportunities to do well in other areas.”

Another person on Twitter tried to come to the unnamed player’s defense but justify that spending $600 “during these times” was good enough.

That person obviously never worked in the service industry and doesn’t understand that a server doesn’t see squat of that $600.

[via Total Pro Sports]