Las Vegas Raiders Reportedly File Complaint And Evidence With NFL Over Dirty Hits On Hunter Renfrow

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  • Hunter Renfrow took a beating in Monday’s game against the Ravens.
  • As a result, the Raiders have reportedly filed a formal complaint of his treatment.
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The Las Vegas Raiders are not happy with the Baltimore Ravens and they don’t plan to let them get away with their actions. According to reports, the team has filed a complaint with the NFL over dirty hits on Monday night.

In particular, the Raiders are taking umbrage with illegal hits on wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. The team reportedly compiled a collection of videos that show uncalled hits away from the ball.

While it is unclear as to how many hits that the team compiled from its video archive, one play in particular shows the type of hit that team remains upset about. It reportedly “is a big reason [the] Raiders are so upset.”

Renfrow finished the night with six catches for 70 yards and his team ended up with the last laugh on a game-winning Hail Mary. The hits ended up being overshadowed by the incredible finish but clearly, Las Vegas did not forget.

The official complaint could ultimately result in three things—

  1. The NFL will pay closer attention to the defense’s treatment of Renfrow in Week 2. It will also pay closer to Baltimore’s treatment of wide receivers moving forward.
  2. The NFL will address the incident with the crew that was calling the game on Monday, though punishment or anything of that nature is unlikely.
  3. Should the complaint be valid and substantial enough, which it sounds like it is, the Ravens will receive a warning. If it ends up being determined that the hits were dangerous enough, they could also receive a fine or suspensions. However, it is more than likely to be a stern reprimand, rather than a punishment.

Las Vegas travels to Pittsburgh in Week 2, perhaps Renfrow will be treated better by the Steelers?

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