Rajon Rondo’s Reasoning For Why He’s Friends With Kobe Bryant Is SO Rondo And SO Kobe, It’s Perfect

The Lakers hosted the Kings last night at the Staples Center, a game very few people actually cared about particularly since Kobe Bryant didn’t see the court.

But it did allow for reporters to ask Rajon Rondo about his “friendship” with Kobe and how the whole thing came to be, if that’s what you want to call it. Because remember, Kobe supposedly doesn’t HAVE any friends.

With that said, this is what Rondo replied with.

This might very well be the best answer I’ve ever heard as to how a person managed to forge that always elusive bond with Kobe, the ultimate lone wolf. It’s almost storybook. Two men bonded by a total and complete disregard for everyone else around them.

‘Yeah, I’m just drawn to assholes, and assholes are drawn to me, man.’

Amazingly, it gets even better. Rondo’s favorite memory of Kobe? Quite naturally, it was the time Kobe tried to fight him in 2009.

The beauty of this whole thing is that Rondo likely has zero idea as to how ridiculous this sounds. And that’s because he’s probably an asshole, just like Kobe, who no doubt appreciates that Rondo thinks he’s an asshole.

Assholes loves assholes, and we love assholes who admit they’re only friends with assholes. Full circle. Everyone wins.

Here’s video of the infamous altercation that ignited the fiery bromance, with Marv on the call:

Touching stuff, for sure.

[H/T Complex]