This Unbelievably MASSIVE Wave At Cloudbreak In Fiji Is Proof That Big Wave Surfers Are Truly Insane

When it’s firing on a big swell, Cloudbreak in Fiji is one of the most massive and terrifying waves on the planet. It just so happens that Cloudbreak was treated to a particularly epic swell last week/end and some of the best surfers in the world were there to ride the giant waves.

This was the largest swell to hit Fiji since their 2012 ‘Code Red Swell’ with weather forecasters spotting two massive storms moving towards Fiji’s Cloudbreak. This swell was so big that the world’s best surfers and wave chasers had to stop whatever they’re doing and get to Fiji as humanly possible. Kelly Slater paddled out at Cloudbreak in Fiji along with a dozen other pros, and Ramon Navarro. I call out Ramon Navarro by name here because he ended up catching one of the most spectacular waves ever surfed and the footage is nothing short of awe-inspiring:

Take a moment to recognize how deep and heavy this wave is. In addition to being taller than your house, this wave is also one of the most powerful waves ever ridden:

That’s straight up insanity, and proof that adrenaline-fueled big wave surfers are some of the craziest athletes on the planet. Every surfer who dropped into a wave at Cloudbreak last weekend was putting his life on the line. You just don’t have that equivalency in mainstream sports.

(h/t Surfer)