Randy Arozarena Steals The Show Despite Mexico Losing In WBC Semi-Finals

Randy Arozarena

Getty Image / Mary DeCicco

The World Baseball Classic has been absolutely electric this year. Mexico has been on a tear throughout the tournament, but the run ended on Monday night.

Despite that, outfielder Randy Arozarena totally stole the show in the semi-finals, as he’s becoming a superstar right before everybody’s eyes.

His outfield antics caught the attention of everyone on Monday night, as he pulled through for Mexico multiple times.

Randy Arozarena basically owned the bottom of the fifth inning. It all started when he robbed a home run to keep Mexico in the lead. His stare-down will go down in history as one of the best moments in WBC history.

After that, Arozarena pulled a Terrell Owens and signed the ball mid-game. Those are definitely some lucky fans.

Then to cap it all off, Randy Arozarena ended the inning with another outfield flyball.

Just a stunning performance for the former Rookie of the Year, as he’s proven to be a star early on in his baseball career.

Although Mexico ultimately lost to Japan in the end, Randy Arozarena won over new fans across the world. The Tampa Bay Rays have a good one, as we should expect to see this type of electric play throughout the MLB season.