Randy Arozarena Strikes A Pose Mid HR Trot And MLB Fans Are Somehow Furious

Randy Arozarena

Getty Image / Julio Aguilar

After a stellar performance in the World Baseball Classic, Randy Arozarena aims to help the Tampa Bay Rays make a playoff run this season.

He’s become one of the more exciting players in the league and his pose has become a favorite amongst most baseball fans.

Arozarena hit a monster home run on Sunday and struck his pose in the middle of his home run trot. It was actually awesome to see, but some MLB fans are oddly furious about it.

Here’s the home run and pose Randy Arozarena hit.

Old-school baseball fans just want to see players participate in the game and that seems to be it. Where’s the fun in that?

Give me the taunting highlight reel every single time. Especially in a sport that is normally slow-paced.

Even so, plenty of baseball fans didn’t like what they saw from Randy Arozarena. Even though everything about it was awesome.

If the opposing team doesn’t want Arozarena to strike his pose, then maybe don’t let him hit a home run.

What’s the fun in that?

This guy seems really upset. Must be a Detroit Tigers fan.

I hope Randy Arozarena strikes his pose every time he hits a home run. There’s nothing wrong with making the game fun.