This Vine Of Randy Foye’s Reaction During Steph Curry’s Insane Performance Is Everything

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors - Game One

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I read an article a couple months ago that refuted the idea of the “hot hand” in sports. Scientific data showed that even though a player might hitting shots at an amazing rate, there’s not guaranteeing the next shot will go in because he made the other shots. Every single shot is dependent on itself and a hundred different variables, none of them being the previous shots.

There is, in my opinion, such a thing as a player “feeling it.” Steph Curry has been feeling it since about 2014. Last night, against Oklahoma City, Curry was beyond feeling it. He was unstoppable.

Randy Foye of OKC realized this fact, along with the rest of his teammates, but still felt like a hand in Curry’s face, or SOMETHING to stop him, was in order. Unfortunately, no one on the floor realized this as Curry hit a few wide open shots. Foye’s expression in this Vine pretty much tells the entire story.

[protected-iframe id=”419062173e51ecd27515f2651a209ede-97886205-4801613″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]

Watch Foye point to an open Curry, powerless to stop him since he’s on the sideline, and not even watch Curry’s shot because he knows it’s going in. IT ALWAYS GOES IN.

Foye face needs to be memed. Like now.




[via Slate]