Two Different Media Outlets Tried Ranking The Greatest Programs In College Football History, Angering Almost Everyone

Two Rankings Of The Greatest Programs In College Football History

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Since the 2019 college football season is mere days from officially kicking off, two different media outlets thought it would be fun to rank the greatest programs in the sport’s 150-year history. Reactions to the two sets of rankings were pretty much what you’d expect.

Of note, on neither list was the University of Texas considered the “mecca” of college football. Sorry, Tom.

The first set of rankings was created by a group of Sports Illustrated writers. They don’t say how they came up with their rankings, nor do they reveal who actually did the voting for their list, but here’s what they came up with for their top 10 greatest programs in college football history.

10. Oklahoma
9. Tennessee
8. Penn State
7. Nebraska
6. Notre Dame
5. USC
4. Texas
3. Michigan
2. Ohio State
1. Alabama

Naturally, everyone agreed wholeheartedly with the list. Just kidding, many fans hated it.

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As for the other recent list of the greatest programs in college football history, College Football News used a special formula to determine their rankings.

Taking all the AP final rankings, CFN devised a scoring system giving every AP national champion 25 points, the No. 2 team 24, No. 3 23, and so on down to the bottom – currently No. 25, but the rankings were only a top ten for a bit, and was later a top 20.

According to their calculations, here are the top 25 greatest programs in college football history.

25. Georgia Tech
24. Ole Miss
23. Wisconsin
22. Texas A&M
21. Washington
20. Clemson
19. Arkansas
18. Michigan State
17. UCLA
16. Florida
15. Miami
14. Florida State
13. Auburn
12. Georgia
11. LSU
10. Tennessee
9. Penn State
8. Nebraska
7. Texas
6. USC
5. Notre Dame
4. Michigan
3. Ohio State
2. Alabama
1. Oklahoma

Much like with Sports Illustrated’s rankings, there were a few disagreements.

So… what would your top 5 greatest programs in college football history look like?

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