Two Bros Rapping About The Patriots All But Confirms The Team Has No Chance Of Repeating (VIDEO)

Sports fans who consider themselves “musical artists” often release rap songs or emotional ballads when playoff season is upon us, or shortly after their favorite team seizes glory.

In this particular case, we have a New England duo making a playoff push for their beloved Pats. And they are in NO way taking themselves too seriously.

The duo is hoping that this song will be an anthem for Patriots Nation, and that they might be able to perform it at a Championship parade. Capiello told The Enterprise that he hopes the song will leave a legacy.

“It’s something that won’t just pump you up for the playoffs, the AFC championship or the Super Bowl, but for years to come this could be a special song for all of New England to enjoy.

Or for a couple hours. Maybe less. And there’s a better chance of Bill Belichick belting out Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” for the entire world to soak in than there is of Brandon Capp and Randy Lo being allowed to do anything at the parade, should a parade even happen.

Additionally — and this is important — did they get express written consent from the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE to use all that footage?

What I find most shocking is that these bros were even allowed inside Patriots headquarters.

Patriots rap song

That Tedy Bruschi photo at left should really be flipping the bird.

Patriots rap song duo

Right here is where I implore you to enjoy the closing line of “how ‘BOUT that.” The raw emotion and vigor is enough to inspire a GRONK spike. Video starts directly at the Grammy-winning spot:


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