Rappers Mashed Up With HOF Baseball Cards Win The Internet Today

by 4 years ago

straight outta cooperstown

One of the best parts about my job is that there’s never a lack for hilarious content to give you bros. And I may have just come across one of the best ideas I’ve ever found on the Internet in my lifetime.

It comes from the Tumblr page called Straight Outta Cooperstown, which mashed up Hall of Famers from Major League Baseball with some of the most notorious rappers of all-time—for absolutely no reason at all.

Whether it’s Big Boi “Boiggio”, Ghostface “Killebrew” or Lou Brock Shakur, I honestly think the mic has been dropped on all other Tumblr accounts ever created.

Hell, fuck a damn plaque for ballplayers in Cooperstown to be honored with when they’re elected, give them a rap alias like Straight Outta Cooperstown and instantly see their street cred go up.