This Raptors Fan Inked A Giant Tattoo Of Kawhi’s Laughing Face On His Calf And It Is Terrifying

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The worst case for the nice people of Canada would be if Kawhi Irish exits in free agency, shows zero remorse, reveals that maple syrup is a trash condiment, admits to never learning the words to O Canada, poops on the doorstep of the Chateau Frontenac, and burns his passport upon reentering the states.

That is unlikely, but the mere possibility of Kawhi bolting in free agency should be reason enough for Raptors fans not to go do anything crazy. Then again, we’re talking about the people who waited nine hours on a workday to get into Jurassic Park, and the people who slept on the streets overnight to have a prime spot for the parade. Logic and reason don’t mean as much to Canadians as unfiltered emotion. Which is why this Raptors fan inked a massive portrait of Kawhi’s ‘laugh face’ on his outer calf.

Thankfully, it’s cold in Canada nine months out of the year so this dude can draw limited attention to the fact that he hasn’t lifted legs since Kawhi’s rookie year.

Another Toronto resident inked the newly iconic photo of Kawhi unwinding in the locker room to celebrate his second NBA championship. The artistry in this one is incredible.

It seems like a lifetime ago that this Renaissance photo was captured. I still can’t believe the 76ers took them to Game 7.

Unrelated, but it made me laugh.