Here Is What the Raptors Loss Looked Like, Through Drake Reaction Faces

The Raptors just lost a Game 7 heartbreaker to the Nets, ensuring they’ll go one more year without seeing a seven-game series win. (That makes 19 years for the franchise.)

Drake—the Toronto Raptors ambassador—had front-row seats to the festivities. He showed a good deal of emotion, as he is apt to do. Here is the game through his eyes.

The first half: not pretty. Neither team plays particularly well, and Ambassador Drake is forced to deal with his Raptors trailing by eight at the break. As well as Mike Tirico copping his style.

This makes him sad.

The second half continues with more uninspired Toronto play. At one point, with the Raptors down nine, DeMar DeRozen is T’d up. Drake just says the call could be better.

But the Raptors stay in it, and find themselves down six with a minute left. Drake is worried.

And then Toronto begins an improbable comeback. Kyle Lowry makes a couple of free throws and a short jump shot. Then Terrence Ross hits a driving layup, and DRAKE GOES FUCKING NUTS.

It’s not enough, though. On the next Toronto possession, Paul Pierce blocks a Lowry shot, and the series is lost. Ultimate distressed Drake.

As for Jay Z? Well, Jay Z gets the last laugh. Or as he’d say, #MYLAUGH.