Rasheed Wallace Once Told A Teammate To Drink Beer To Gain Weight

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Rasheed Wallace had a 16-year playing career in the NBA, and while he was rarely the most dominant force on the court, he was consistently the most entertaining. He owns the record for the most technical fouls in a single season thanks in large part to his inability to keep his mouth shut, and if there was a Trash Talk Hall of Fame, he would undoubtedly be a first-ballot inductee.

Thanks to his antics both on and off the court, ‘Sheed remains one of my favorite players. I didn’t think it was possible for me to like him any more until I saw an anecdote that Amir Johnson shared with Derek Bodner at the Philadelphia 76ers’ Media Day:

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While most players would likely follow a steady diet of protein shakes and way too many chicken breasts to increase their playing weight, I know I’d personally prefer to go with Wallace’s plan.

Beer don’t lie.