Ravens LB Matthew Judon Drinks Fan’s Beer During Team’s Celebration After Picking Off Jared Goff

ravens matt judon drinks fans beer

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The Ravens embarrassed the Rams on their own turf on Monday Night Football by the count of 45-6. Baltimore has now won seven straight games outscoring its opponents by a count of 251-102 along the way.

Baltimore also has Lamar Jackson at quarterback who’s making things look both fun and easy, but just in case you needed some sort of visual representation on just how badly the Ravens beat up on the Rams or how fun this squad is Matt Judon has you covered.

With the Ravens up 45-6 late in the fourth quarter, they picked off Jared Goff for a second time and during the celebration Judon decided to hydrate himself with a fan’s beer.

While the celebration is great as a whole, there’s a lot to unpack here.

Before we even talk about the fact he spilled the fan’s beer before taking a sip, I’m just going to assume those beers were free. A fan sitting that close to the action has to have some sort of all-inclusive ticket where he gets food and beverage for free, but if not that small spill was like lighting a few bucks on fire because no chance that 12 oz. can was less than $12 in Los Angeles.

I guess you have to give Judon a pass for the spill. He’s excited and has on some bulky gloves, so the spill is fine, plus he showed great reflexes in picking up the can as soon as he tipped it over.

This Ravens team is something else.