How About This Ravens Reporter Predicting Exactly How The Browns ‘MNF’ Loss Played Out!?

Will Hill MNF


It was a tough loss for the Cleveland Browns on Monday night. Perhaps the toughest in a long string of “tough losses” since the franchise moved back to Cleveland in 1999. With the game on the line, the Browns managed to blow it in true Browns fashion – with a chance to win the game, only to end up losing it. Who would’ve thought, right!?

Well, evidently Baltimore Ravens beat reporter Luke Jones had some kind of premonition that the Browns would, shall we say, pull a very Browns stunt.


Damn, that’s pretty good, huh? Now I know there’s some controversy about whether Ravens’ safety Will Hill actually stepped out of bounds en route to his game-winning touchdown after the field goal block, but regardless, Jones’s ridiculous clairvoyance of how the game played out definitely deserves a round of applause even if it was just a dumb coincidence of saying something on Twitter and miraculously having it come true.


That was right at you, Browns. LOL.

[h/t SB Nation]

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