College Basketball Fans Blast Jim Boeheim’s NCAA Tournament Suggestion

Jim Boeheim looks on from the sidelines.

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Syracuse legend Jim Boeheim appeared on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday to talk hoops ahead of the NCAA Tournament. While on the air, the recently retired coach was asked about his solution to the current issues seen with March Madness.

Fans quickly blasted his response, which has now gone viral on social media.

Year in and year out, we see programs frustrated with the NCAA selection process. Obviously, there will always be tournament snubs with this season being no different.

Fans constantly complain about NET rankings while comparing resumes and head-to-head results.

Then, there’s the matter of Power Five vs. Mid-Major.

Should schools in top leagues be rewarded for a more grueling schedule, even if the outcome is a record closer to .500? Should smaller schools have opportunities as it’s often more difficult to schedule those top opponents in non-conference play?

Everyone loves a Cinderella story, but no one wants to watch the first-round blowout of a bid stealer.

Jim Boeheim weighed in on these issues in his latest appearance, giving his solution.

“I think the basketball tournament should always include everybody, and I think it will. I think you expand it a little bit, which you could do very easily without hurting the tournament. You have play-in games right now. Just go to three more sites and add a few more teams.”

Fans quickly blasted the response online.

One person wrote, “Boeheim wants 96 teams when his team doesn’t make it. The guy is clueless.” Someone else said, “Another whine session from Jim Boeheim.”

While most would like to see everyone included, many are already over the thought of expansion. Even the addition of the four play-in games was too much for some.

Coach Boeheim also commented on the NET rankings, which believes are flawed.

“I think the problem with the NET is it’s not accurate. It really shows what you did in November and December, and if your league doesn’t do well then, you can’t recover… It’s alright to base entry into the tournament on the whole year, but when get to seeding, you’ve got to go with who’s really good right now.”

That’s another fine line the selection committee has to walk. You certainly want to reward teams playing their best ball, but you can’t just ignore the beginning of the season.

Most would probably agree with the assessment that the NET is flawed, but the NCAA has yet to come up with a better solution.

As for this year’s March Madness slate, we’ll witness upsets and surprises while also seeing the usual suspects make runs. One thing everyone can agree on is that this is the most exciting time in college sports.