Fans Are Asking If Kent State Is Hurting For Money After Scheduling The Toughest OOC Schedule Imaginable

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The Kent State football team will face an uphill battle in its non-conference schedule next season. The Golden Flashes have the toughest OOC slate in the nation.

KSU is a member of the MAC, a league that generally schedules pretty tough across the board. They’ve been one of the better representatives, too, having gone 9-4 against MAC competition over the last two seasons.

The league isn’t competing for national championships, so the non-conference schedule isn’t quite as important. Being a Group of Five program, the out of conference dates typically land the school a payday.

But there has to be an easier way to earn a paycheck than this.

The Golden Flashes will travel to face Washington, Georgia, and Oklahoma, all before the month of October. That’s a pair of top 10 powers and a typical PAC-12 contender. Not to mention the Bulldogs are the reigning national champions.

It’s easily the top OOC slate in the country and will result in a $5.2M payday come season’s end.

Here’s what ESPN had to say about the brutal month of September.

I’ll say this for Kent State: The Golden Flashes ain’t scared. They play road games at Washington, Oklahoma and Georgia — all in the month of September… Thank goodness for guaranteed payouts. Kent State will pocket $5.2 million to weather that September gauntlet.

The money will be a nice consolation prize for the three expected defeats, but many fans are asking one question. Is it worth it?

Fans react to Kent State’s non-conference schedule

Fans are asking how important that money really is after seeing this murderer’s row of matchups.

They’ll likely take a beating in the three games against Power Five opponents. Expect a few lopsided scores.

They likely won’t care after cashing the checks.

And maybe there’s a method to the madness…

We’ll see how it goes for the Flashes against these three heavyweights.

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