This Amazingly Realistic Michael Jordan Tattoo Might Just Be The GOAT Of All Sports Tattoos

Fan Gets Incredibly Realistic Michael Jordan Tattoo By Steve Butcher

Getty Image

People getting tattoos immortalizing The GOAT Michael Jordan is nothing new. Heck, one MJ superfan even went so far as to get His Airness’ Bulls jersey tattooed over his entire back.

Another fan got an incredibly detailed tattoo of Jordan’s legendary free throw line dunk, while another one had a giant “Crying Jordan” meme photo tattooed on his leg.

Those last two tattoos were both incredibly realistic, and it just so happens that they were both done by New Zealand tattoo artist Steve Butcher, who might just be the GOAT of all sports tattoo artists.

Butcher also happens to be the man who created this latest lifelike Michael Jordan tattoo for fine art sports painter and realtor Robb Friedman.

That might look better than the actual photo at the top of this page. (I, of course, take full credit for the inspiration since I used that very photo in an article on August 26th.)

Butcher says he will be adding the Kobe Bryant portion of the photo in the next week so stay tuned.

Butcher’s portfolio of realistic tattoos is the stuff of legends… literally. He’s done tattoos of everything from “The Catch” to Metallica’s James Hetfield to Thanos from the Avengers movies.


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