Wait, The Average Ticket Prices For The Mets-Royals World Series Are How Much?!

If you have any interest in going to a Mets-Royals World Series game, be prepared to shell out the highest recorded W.S. ticket prices ever, according to online ticket broker TiqIQ.com.

According to For the Win, the average ticket price for the series is $1,437, surpassing the 2010 Rangers-Giants series as the most expensive ever tracked by TiqIQ.com.

For the Win rounded up the average ticket prices for each game:

  • Game 1 @ KC: $496.90 avg. ($232 cheapest ticket)
  • Game 2 @ KC: $745.25 ($282)
  • Game 3 @ NYM: $1,760.57 ($705)
  • Game 4 @ NYM: $1,653.22 ($589)
  • Game 5 @ NYM: $1,640.27 ($595)
  • Game 6 @ KC: $1,286.73 ($468)
  • Game 7 @ KC: $1,606.56 ($612)

Ironically, Game 1’s average ticket price of $496.90 is the lowest average price in six years, due in part to possible inclement weather.

StubHub reports that Games 3 and 4–the first two games at Citi Field–have garnered more than $1,000 a piece.

According to ESPN,  only one game since the 2012 World Series had an average sold price of more than $1,000 on StubHub: Game 6 of the 2013 World Series (The Boston Red Sox game at Fenway against the St. Louis Cardinals had an average resale price of $1,169.

Regardless, I can hardly afford to buy dinner, nevermind a World Series ticket, so I’ll be watching the game in the comforts of my own home–if they didn’t shut off my cable for defaulting on payment again, that is.

Who you bros got? I am unbiased Bostonian and my prediction is Mets in 6.

[h/t For the Win]

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