The Red Sox Left An Insane Tip On An Itemized Alcohol Tab That Is Giving Me A Splitting Headache Just Reading It

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox are on top of the baseball world and the sensation must be divine. With that said, I’d rather be any one on earth but a Red Sox player right now, because they are collectively sporting the worst hangover of all: a champagne hangover.

As we previously reported, the Sox celebrated winning 119 games this season and the Commissioner’s Trophy by dropping a cool $600,000 over the course of two different parties following the World Series win, one party in Los Angeles and one in Boston upon return home.

In Los Angeles, the Sox partied at Nightingale Plaza, a magnet for the Hollywood elite, and shelled out a bar tab of $300,000. TMZ recently obtained the itemized receipt for the raucous night out and just running down this list has given me a splitting headache.

48 bottles of Dom Perignon
43 bottles of Ace of Spades
60 bottles of Moet
5 bottles of Veuve
12 bottles of Perrier-Jouet
1 bottle of Cristal
11 bottles of Jameson
17 bottles of Jack Daniels
Additional bottles of Don Julio, Belvedere vodka

The Sox players compensated the club staff for drinking them out of house and home, reportedly leaving a $195,000 tip on the $300,000 bill, jacking the total up to a shade under $500,000. I can’t believe I just rounded up by $5,000, as if that amount if negligible.

As far as who paid for the bill, TMZ learned that someone with the team handled the bill.

Mind you, each Red Sox player will get a massive postseason/World Series bonus when the gate receipts from each series is ironed out. Last year, the World Series-winning Houston Astros split a record $30.4 million. The Astros issued 60 full shares, with thevalue of each full share being $438,901.57.

So, this $500,000 alcohol spend was just bonus money for one player. Sheesh.

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