Redbox Bowl Is Getting Roasted For Selling T-Shirt That Botches Cal’s Name, Illinois’ Helmet, More

Redbox Bowl T-Shirt Botches Cals Name Uses An Old Illinois Helmet


Here’s more proof that there are simply too many bowl games. The Redbox Bowl is getting raked over the coals for the absolute fail that is the t-shirt they are selling featuring the game’s two opponents Cal and Illinois.

The Illinois Fighting Illini will be taking on the California Golden Bears at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara (home of the San Francisco 49ers) on December 30th.

What won’t be happening on December 30th at Levi’s Stadium is Cal State playing against the University of Illinois team from several seasons ago.

Not that anyone would know that after seeing the t-shirts the Redbox Bowl is selling promoting the game.

Even worse, the Redbox Bowl doubled down on their mistakes by selling a standalone “Cal State” t-shirt.

Ar least they didn’t spend the money on a solo Illini shirt because none appears on the merch page for the Redbox Bowl reports California Golden Blogs.

Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the “tourist destinations” listed on the t-shirt are not even close to Santa Clara.

But wait, it gets worse. The creative director/brand manager for Cal even tweeted about the shirts and the errors that were made, saying that they “officially rejected this design.” Whoops.

Naturally, fans being fans, they had a lot of fun with this situation at the Redbox Bowl’s expense.

Nailed it,

[The Comeback]