Watch This High School Ref ‘Accidentally’ Annihilate A Receiver, Causing Fumble And Probably A Concussion

I’m convinced that the only incentive one has to becoming a high school referee is to re-live his glory days. Refs crave that one opportunity to insert themselves into the game and make a play that they failed to make in the 1972 game against State. Because its known that every school in existence prior to 1975 was named State. That’s just common knowledge.

There are only a few universal truths in this world: the world is round, I will be poor forever, and this ref lowered this shoulder for no other reason than to drop this kid and prove to himself that he’s still got some juice in the tank.

Check out the dude looking to be mobbed by his teammates after a game-changing hit.



Dude. Most of your teammates are dead.

He’s not the only one. Take a look at this zebra version of Deion Sanders sprinting in for the score.

P.S.: This happened at the Connecticut state semifinal game this past December.

[h/t Busted Coverage]