Hot Mic Catches Ref’s Hilarious Response To Geno Smith Arguing About A Call

Geno Smith looks to throw a pass against the Lions.

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A ref’s hot mic caught a hilarious interaction between him and Seattle quarterback Geno Smith on Sunday. As the passer pleaded his case on a call, the official delivered a fantastic one-liner for NFL viewers to hear.

The Seahawks and Lions battled in a back-and-forth game that couldn’t be decided in regulation. After Detroit kicked a game-tying field goal as time expired, the Seahawks responded with an overtime touchdown to end the game.

Seahawks players trolled the Lions after that win, donning blue ski masks in the locker room.

The matchup provided tons of viewing entertainment for those both in attendance and watching along on television, but one of the funniest moments came during a break in the action.

The Seahawks were called for intentional grounding during the fourth quarter while trailing 21-17. Pete Carroll immediately erupted on the sidelines.

For those listening to the call, they may or may not have heard a hilarious quip caught on the ref’s hot mic. As Coach Carroll gave his opinion of the call from the bench, quarterback Geno Smith approached the official to plead his case.

The referee’s response?

“I’m talking to America here, excuse me.”

Fans quickly responded to the viral moment on social media.

“This will be a meme for the rest of the year,” one NFL follower said.

“Rare NFL officiating W,” another person wrote.

“What a savage,” this fan commented.

Seattle would overcome the intentional grounding call, but Geno Smith might not live this moment down.