Reggie Bush Reportedly Offered His Alleged Mistress DOUBLE His 2016 Salary To Have An Abortion

On Friday, we brought you the news of a sizzling hot Miami club cocktail waitress named Monique Exposito claiming that Buffalo Bills running back Reggie Bush knocked her up. The story becomes super dicey when you consider Bush is married and has two children with Lilit Avagyan, an Armenian bombshell. Judge for yourself.

Exposito’s social media accounts were switched to private so there are limited pictures, but that’s her on the right. Not sure what that dude and his kid are doing in the photo, so just ignore that.

Monique claims that Reggie offered her $3 MILLION to abort the baby, but she did not follow through. Bush signed a 1-year, $1,500,000 contract with the Buffalo Bills at the beginning of this season, but the offer isn’t too fiscally irresponsible considering he’s reportedly made $63+ million in career earnings.  There are even reports that Exposito actually took the payout but failed to go through with the abortion.

As information about Monique Exposito begins to become public, it’s become clear that her encounter(s) with Bush was agenda-driven, rather than an act of passion. According to Inquisitr, Monique has craved for a child with a famous athlete for years in an attempt to be like one of the Kardashians. Years back, she allegedly had an affair with Alonzo Mourning, even undergoing fertility treatments to increase her chances at getting pregnant.

As if that wasn’t batshit enough, sources claim that the Miami cocktail waitress is in a “marriage of convenience” with Frenchman Alexandre Bastin. The arrangement is strictly so that Bastin can stay in the country and the he reportedly pays her $30,000 a month and bought her a car for her hand in marriage.

BroTip: Never, under any circumstances, stick it in crazy without protection. Especially if you’re a professional athlete and married and have children. Button it up, Reggie.

We’ll keep you posted on the developments of this shit sandwich as they become public.

[h/t Inquisitr]

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