Smoking Hot Club Waitress From Miami Is Claiming She’s Got Reggie Bush Knocked Her Up (PICS)

Reggie Bush is back in the news and once again it’s not about his performance on the football field. A crazy hot club cocktail waitress by the name of Monique Exposito claims that she’s pregnant and Reggie Bush is the man who knocked her up.

Few men of Reggie Bush’s age have attracted as much media attention over the years, and this would be a non-story if Reggie wasn’t married to Lilit Avagyan with whom he’s had two children with. The first high-profile relationship of Reggie Bush’s career was Kim Kardashian, the amateur porn star of Armenian descent. I only mention this because Reggie’s wife is also Armenian, so it seems like Reggie certainly has a type.

Anyways, according to TMZ, Monique Exposito is claiming there’s a bun in her oven and Reggie Bush is the baker, if you get my drift:

The woman — Monique — is a nightclub waitress who lives in Miami. Our sources say early on in her pregnancy, she contacted Reggie and there were discussions about terminating the pregnancy in return for a large payment. We’re told ultimately the discussions went nowhere.
Our sources say Monique, who is now 6 months pregnant, hired Florida attorney Marwan Porter, but this time around it’s about child support.
We’re told there has NOT been a DNA test, but Reggie will own up to his obligations if the tests show he’s the father.
As for Reggie, there appeared to be issues back in August, around the time Monique first contacted him, because he left Buffalo Bills training camp to fly to California to work things out with his wife, Lilit, with whom he has 2 kids.

It appears as if Monique has gone radio silent on social media for the time being. She’s probably getting trolled by legions of haters, but there are still quite a few photos of her floating around on Instagram:

And for comparison, here’s what Reggie’s wife looks like:

So far, these are just rumors. But the rumors run deep. Over at Bossip they’re claiming this chick is married AND she was formerly Alonzo Mourning’s mistress.

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