Former Colts Receiver Reggie Wayne Sorta-Kinda Revealed What Peyton Manning’s ‘Omaha’ Call Means

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Former Colts receiver Reggie Wayne played with Peyton Manning for ten seasons while with the Colts, so it comes as no surprise that Wayne knows(ish) what Manning’s famous “Omaha” call means on the field. According to Wayne whenever Manning shouts “Omaha” it means that he’s about to run the opposite direction.

Confused as to what that means? So was everyone else:

When asked to elaborate on his explanation, he added: ‘If it’s a run to the right, if it’s “Dive right”, Omaha is going to be “Dive left”‘(via)

However, Wayne did admit that the meaning of “Omaha” could possibly change now that he’s revealed its actual meaning. Or maybe he just lied about what it meant and wanted to cover his own ass – both are highly plausible:

He warned New England, who went on to lose narrowly to Manning’s Broncos the same day, not to rely on his revelation.

At the end of the clip, he admits: ‘I can promise you this, that “Omaha” is not going to be the same thing today.’(via)

[H/T Daily Mail]

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