This Company That Lets You Rent Football Jerseys Seems Like It Was Made For Browns Fans

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Next to getting married, buying a football jersey is one of the biggest commitments a person can make over the course of their life. It’s not a decision you make lightly. Unless you feel like dropping $150 on a custom jersey, you need to make sure the player you’re repping is going to stick around on your team for a while, but given the nature of the NFL, that’s easier said than done.

Things get even harder if you’re a fan of more than one player (or— if you’re one of those people— more than one team). Thankfully, one company has set out to ensure you won’t have to worry about your favorite player getting traded two days after you make your decision.

According to ESPN, Rep The Squad is basically the Netflix of jerseys, because there has to be a Netflix for everything:

Rep The Squad is selling monthly subscriptions that allow fans to pick what jerseys they want to wear and have the items sent to them one at a time. When a jersey is returned in a prepaid envelope, the next jersey in their queue (or “locker”) is sent out.

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The service costs $19.95 a month, so you’d end up spending about the same amount you’d spend on a single jersey over the course of football season. Currently, Rep The Squad has only stocked Lions, 49ers, and Seahawks jerseys, but founder Brian Watkins hopes to eventually be able to offer jerseys from every major sport.

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