Behold This Scale Replica MLB Stadium That Doubles As A Grill: ‘GRILLER PARK’ Coming In HOT

by 4 years ago

Man, isn’t it beautiful? You just have to respect any baseball fan that would go to lengths like Brewers’ fan Matt Tyler did in forging the 100lb. masterpiece that is now being appropriately deemed “Griller Park.”

Here’s the engineer-by-trade’s story of how the idea was conceived to craft the flawless scale replica of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park. Safe to say it’s a “tailgating work of art,” and I’m not even a Brewers fan, but I want it.*

You have to love Tyler’s all-out, can-do attitude with his grill project. Why do it? “Because I can.”

No question this will be a hit in Miller Park’s parking lots before and after games. And if I had to guess, Matt isn’t going to have any problems fielding some free brews in exchange for some pictures with the MLB masterpiece.

The Brewers are set to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks when Griller Park will make it’s big league debut this Saturday.

*Editor’s Note: Matt Tyler, you should 100% quit your engineering job and turn these babies out full-time. Can’t think of a sports fanatic that wouldn’t want a something like this for a day at the stadium. Please feel free to reach out and let us know how Griller Park fares on Saturday!

[via WISN]

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