Reporter Has No Idea Tomas Berdych Lost His Wimbledon Match, Things Get Awkward

When covering Wimbledon, it’s imperative to actually watch the matches. That way you don’t ask an eliminated player how he thinks he’ll do in the next round. They tend not to like that line of questioning, as we found out yesterday when one clueless reporter delivered this dud after Tomas Berdych’s straight-set loss to Gilles Simon.

Q: How do you feel after that match? Do you feel in good shape going into the quarterfinals?

Tomas Berdych: Sorry? Excuse me?

Q: Do you feel your form is good going into the quarterfinals?

Moderator: He lost. He’s obviously got a lot of m athes.

Tomas Berdych: Does he know right, or is he trying to make fun of me?

Q: No. Sorry, sorry

Dude. What is the credentialing process? Just anyone wearing white gets to pop in and ask a question?

Reporters at the stuffy English event have been hot since play began. First we had inquiries about a woman’s period ruining her white clothing. Then we had someone asking Caroline Wozniacki about Rory McIlroy as if the two aren’t ancient history.

Let’s class it up a bit, folks.