Reporter Eats As Much As A Tour de France Rider, Pukes His Brains Out

by 5 years ago

The pursuit of good journalism does not come without some bumps in the road, as this intrepid Norwegian fellow named Nicolay Ramm discovered. His attempt to consume as  much food as a Tour de France cyclist ended in predictable fashion when he had a, um, reversal of fortune.

That tends to happen when a sensible eater brazenly tries to stuff 8,000 calories into his system. Such an an endeavor wreaks havoc on the plumbing.

Ramm’s quest fell just 3,700 calories short.

Let’s leave the competitive eating to the actual competitors (and competitive eaters). I bet this type of meal plan would be child’s play in the hands of Crazy Legs Conti or the like.

[H/T: Time Magazine]

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