Former NBA Star Demonstrates Just How Easy It Is To Steal From An Apple Store

Rex Chapman Apple Theft


Rex Chapman retired from the NBA in 2000 with 592 career steals. If you add up the thefts in these surveillance videos, he’s an all-time leader in steals. Hell, I’ll say it, a Hall of Famer!

Last week, the former NBA baller was picked up in Arizona after months of stealing from an Apple store in Arizona. Chapman allegedly made off with $14,000 in Apple products in just a few visits.

Five finger discounts at an Apple store seem like a risky proposition. First, the stores are always packed with people and blue-shirted employees swarming around every potential purchase. It feels like a shoplifter would get spotted in seconds. Nope, old Rexy proves it’s actually quite easy. Almost as easy as bending a new iPhone 6.

Check out Rex in action in this surveillance video from the Apple store.

H/T Engadget

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