Recapping RGIII’s Fun-Filled Day at the White House Easter Egg Roll


The White House Easter Egg Roll is a great time of joy for the kids in our nation’s capital. The president opens the doors to his house and lets youngins run up and down his lawn in the name of our Lord.

One such child who attended was Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III.

At 24 years of age, he’s actually closer to the eight- and nine-year-olds bouncing about than he is Barack Obama. So it was a treat for him, too. And like the kids are wont to do, RGIII took to social media to document the experience.

Here Robert is with teammate Stephen Bowen.

It’s him and the host of 106 and Park. The rap show the kids love. 

And Dr. Oz. How’s my knee look, Mr. Oz? Do I have to wear the brace again this season?

Tony Hawk? Radical!

Any any any five. Five dollar. Five dollar foot longs.

Clicky the Internet Safety Robot is here to tell RGIII not to send any sexts to his mistresses on his wedding night. Whoops, too late.

I believe this is the part where either he or I took acid.

[All images via RGIII]