Ric Flair Cried Watching The WWE Promo That Mocked His Son’s Death

This past Monday night, the WWE ran a highly controversial promo to close out Raw that featured Paige and Ric Flair’s daughter, Charlotte. Somehow, someway, it was decided that mocking the death of Flair’s son Reid — who died of a heroin overdose just two years ago — would be a good idea.

Even for the soulless Vince McMahon, this was an entirely new low when it comes to poor taste. Here’s Flair on his podcast, discussing what transpired:

“I never heard a word about it. I started crying while I was watching it. Nope, nobody called me and nobody has called me today. That would indicate that they just assumed that that’s good. So I don’t have an answer for that.”

Amazingly, Flair managed to hold back on offering his true feelings in detail so as to not screw his daughter’s budding career. Remember, this is a guy who knows all too well that Vince McMahon, much like the late George Steinbrenner, fires people like it’s a bodily function. Though he did say, “one person approves everything.” Honestly, that’s all that really needed to be stated.

While I’d love to say “come on, Vince, do better” we all know that’s never going to happen. There’s simply no low too low for the maniacal McMahon, whose “character” is basically just a slight exaggeration of the person he actually is.

Additionally, it’s highly doubtful Triple H felt comfortable going along with this one, especially given his close friendship with Flair. But Vince has final sign-off on every single aspect of the show, including all the words that come out of Michael Cole’s mouth.

Flair’s ex-wife Elizabeth, however, did not mince words on the segment.

Ric went on to say that he still plans to be at Survivor Series. And who knows, maybe he and Vince will have a little chat this week and end up in the ring that night; hopefully with a steel chair affixed to Vinnie Mac’s highly punchable face.

[h/t The Big Lead, Cageside Seats]

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