35 Hypnotizing Ric Flair GIFs That Will Change Your Day, Life

On the heels of the announcement that Ric Flair will be getting his own 30 for 30 — I know, deep breaths, deep breaths — what better way to celebrate such delightful news than with a shower of crowd-pleasing GIFs featuring the legend himself?

This collection of glory that spans over the course of the Nature Boy’s 3,000-year career is pretty much a lock to make your day brighter and, assuming you have a pulse, should put some newfound pep in your Flair strut technique.

These aren’t arranged in any particular order. Mostly because Ric Flair remains at odds with “order” and because the story of this man’s greatness is still being written. Now please enjoy these 35 Ric Flair GIFs.

Ric Flair greatest wooooo ever

Ric Flair liked to set the tone, and this GIF certainly serves as the proper tone-setter. It’s probably one of the most exuberant in-match “woooos” ever witnessed on live television. This is signature Flair reaching the peak of self-admiration. The old “look what I just did” move. And while it hasn’t been confirmed, the ligaments in Ric Flair’s neck have allegedly been replaced roughly 106 times due to moments like this.

Ric Flair basically dead fall

Was there anything better than Ric Flair abruptly falling, aka The Flair Flop? No. No, there was not.

Ric Flair excessive woooo

So much of what Ric Flair said and did propelled him to become the popular figure he remains today. But don’t underestimate the role Flair’s hair played in his rise to fame. Just look at that mane. It would’ve looked beautiful on a unicorn. #4Horsemen4Life

Ric Flair Mental Hospital

Remember when Ric Flair spent some time in a mental hospital on Monday Nitro? This might be one of the Nature Boy’s most unheralded segments of all time. The fact he was permitted to wear his custom made, bedazzled robe and not the standard hospital scrubs like everyone else tells you everything you need to know about Flair’s first class status.

Ric Flair 4 Horsemen woooooo

A thunderous “interview woooooooo” always entailed a full body, fluid motion that begin with a healthy deep breath and ended by throwing both feet to the floor while belting out said “woooooo” with great vigor. For reasons unknown, Flair always seemed to take it up a notch whenever he was wearing sunglasses.

Ric Flair INSANE wooooo

FACT: Ric Flair was insane, is insane, and will always be insane. But he’s the good kind of insane, which is why he’s so beloved to this very day.

Ric Flair Piper LT and drinks

Ric Flair boozing and yucking it up — possibly in someone’s basement — with Lawrence Taylor, Roddy Piper, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotunda, and god knows who else. Amazing.

Ric Flair pump fake woooo

The rare, but quite memorable, “pump fake woo.” One of the greatest things to happen in the history of sports. It would take LeBron James years upon years to master something this spectacular. Again, the shades.

Ric Flair signature turnbuckle move

Ric Flair’s turnbuckle gymnastics were a signature move, and one that perfectly encapsulates his over-the-top persona. The guy was always willing to sell it, and sell it hard.

Ric Flair dancing king

Ric Flair could dance and strut like no other. Anyone who says otherwise should seek professional help immediately.

Ric Flair ball grab

When the only choice to avoid a steel chair shot is to grab someone’s balls, you go ahead and grab their balls. They called Flair the dirtiest player in the game for good reason.

Ric Flair actually in shape

Believe it or not, there was a time when Flair was actually in great shape. He didn’t always sport a pair of haunting breasts as saggy as Frank Costanza’s.

Ric Flair incredible Lakers jacket

Ric Flair in a pair of satellite dish-sized aviators and a Lakers jacket that a diehard fan would absolutely sell their soul for? No, it does not get much better than this.

Ric Flair Paul Bearer woooooo

Throw Paul Bearer into Flair’s life and we’ve reached such a high level of cartoonish greatness that it’s nearly impossible to look away. Seriously, look at this man’s face exploding from a sea of feathers. Unbelievable.

Ric Flair believable fall

Easily one of the best Flair Flops the wrestling world has ever witnessed.

Ric Flair and Piper win unknown tag belts

More dancing and strutting. However, the bigger story would be what happened after this crew left the building and how many hotels bars fell victim.

Ric Flair celebrates with Mr. Perfect

It’s no exaggeration to say that pairing Flair and Mr. Perfect was a match made in heel heaven.

Ric Flair running stairs Hornets

Ric Flair running stairs in a Gold’s Gym shirt and what look like Zubaz shorts because he’s Ric Flair, and he has a personal set of keys to nearly every arena in the country.

Ric Flair's mullet!

Feast your eyes on Flair’s hair. That astounding mullet would be more than enough to create an entire line of authentic Flair toupees for bald men from sea to shining sea.

Ric Flair wooooo-off

Ric Flair’s “woo-off” with Jay Lethal is probably the only thing TNA should ever be known for. Downright hilarious. It was perhaps the most cartoonish we’ve ever seen Flair, and that’s saying A LOT.

Ric Flair wins the Royal Rumble

Flair has always reflected on the 1992 Royal Rumble as was one of his finest moments. Nothing to say but Woooooo!

Ric Flair explains expensive shoe

“These shoes cost more than your house.” Of course they did.

Ric Flair trapeze artist

Flair’s battles with Ricky Steamboat were some of the most entertaining matches in wrestling history, as exhibited by this hypnotizing GIF.

Ric Flair what the hell

Yup. He was willing to do pretty much anything. And he did.

Ric Flair's harem

Don’t forget the ladies. Oh, did Flair love his ladies. And of course, his lavish robes.

Ric Flair robe could cover the globe

Yes, it’s true. The majority of Ric Flair’s robes were once worn by snooty, self-absorbed pterodactyls.

Ric Flair's boy band

This was reportedly the alternate opening to Reservoir Dogs.

Ric Flair BayWatch wooooo

It would be rather foolish not to include his memorable spot on Baywatch, wouldn’t it? It would.

Ric Flair actually insane

Ric Flair is naturally speaking in the third person here. While it’s very difficult to tell, this is a man deeeeeeep into character.

Space Mountain Baby woooooo

This infamous quote — which is repeated more often than the Pledge of Allegiance — may very well be the greatest way a human being has ever described oneself.

Ric Flair explodes and then slows it down wooooooooo

A true rarity was the maniacal, face-exploding freakout followed by a calmly delivered, woooooooooooooo; sans exclamation point. Masterfully done.

Ric Flair greatest GIF ever woooooooo

This might not just be the best Ric Flair GIF in existence, it might be the best GIF, period.

Ric Flair elbows the hell out of the ring

This compilation would not nearly be complete had there been no mention of Flair’s penchant for removing his clothes and elbowing nothing in particular. Repeatedly. It was his way of making a statement. Think of Jordan posterizing someone without a basketball and it might start to make a little sense.

Ric Flair loves this post

Ric Flair loves this post.

Edge reacts to all these Flair GIFs

Edge’s expression here appears as though he’s been going through this post, marveling at the unique greatness, so it feels like the proper way to finish.

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