Ric Flair Is Getting His Own ’30 For 30′ Documentary — First Hour Will Cover Just His Perms And Mullets

Ric Flair 30 For 30


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ESPN will be doing even more with WWE in the very near future according to this announcement on the Legacy Talent and Entertainment Facebook page:

We named this company Legacy Talent because it’s our mission to help preserve the legacies that our clients have worked a lifetime to build. Yesterday we took a huge step in documenting Ric Flair’s legacy by starting to shoot his 30 for 30 ESPN Film. We are honored to work with such a prestigious group on a project we are so passionate about!

So is everyone finally ready to call wrestling a real sport? Looking right at you, everyone in MMA.

Naturally, you start with the biggest name in the game with the most skeletons in his closet. A guy who won’t “expose” the business or reveal anything besides drinking stories and how the sport both made and ruined his life. Obviously, I’ll be watching the night it debuts. Probably somewhere from the top of Space Mountain.

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