Ric Flair Visited Atlanta Falcons Practice To Fire Up Players And There Was Plenty Of ‘Woooo!’ To Go Around

NFL training camp blows. It’s hot, the pads and running around make it seem hotter, you’re surrounded by other sweating and disgusting men and you’ve got to workout, in one way or another, for like 10 straight hours. Then it’s time to shower up AND STUDY PLAYS! YIPPEE!!

Thankful these guys make pretty good money.

Since training camp is such a drag, it’s up to a head coach to keep players motivated. In case “your ass will get cut” isn’t motivation enough, sometimes outside speakers need to be brought in to get the players amped for FOUR MORE HOURS OF FILM STUDY!!

Falcons coach Dan Quinn brought in one of the most motivational wrestlers of all time, Ric Flair, to fire up the Falcons with a couple random “Woooo!” outbursts and some classic Nature Boy lines.

[via Wrestling Inc]