I Can’t Stop Watching This Rich Gang x Lou Holtz ‘Lifestyle’ Mashup

If you haven’t heard ‘Lifestyle’ yet by Rich Gang, just know that portions of it are completely unintelligible, which isn’t so different from a typical Lou Holtz broadcast.

As a commentator, Lou Holtz tends to be a pretty polarizing figure. Our parent’s generation all adore him, the Notre Dame faithful believe him to be a living demigod, but those of us who didn’t grow up in the 60s and aren’t infatuated with Notre Dame tend to be pretty dismissive of the old man.

Dismissive or not, we simply cannot deny that after watching this clip below, Lou Holtz’s true calling in the winter of his life is to make cameos in rap videos.

The ONLY thing that could make Rich Gang’s ‘Lifestyle’ even more unintelligible is the presence ‘ol Granny Holtz and his unintelligible rantings…


And here’s ‘Lifestyle’ in full, for those of you that haven’t seen it: